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How We Work

When we say we’re building your forever home, we mean a generational home! A home that you can pass down through the years that will be packed full of memories for each new generation. We are creating a home that is more durable, requires less maintenance, has greater indoor air quality, have less environmental impact, and costs far less each month to operate is what we build. We used to call them high performance homes. But all of our clients say they want to live in them forever, so we started calling these high performance homes our FOREVER HOMES for generations to come. We get that a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make.

The Process

1. A potential client reaches out to us by CONTACT US button.  Each section is filled out accurately and honestly as possible. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process or what your timeline is. 

2. Normally the same day I’ll respond and ask you what is the best time and day to call you back. 

3. Our initial conversion is very laid back and simple. Where are you in the process? When can we meet for a low key one hour meet and greet to discuss goals and timelines. 

4. First meet – Goal – We both answer as many of these as possible. Who? What?  Where?  Why?  How?  

5. Second meet – If you already have property we will meet there. If you don’t we start process of how to find and where. We go over plan ideas, Pinterest boards, and Houzz pictures. Goal – for me to see what you see through your eyes. 

6. Second – fifth meet. As many meetings as it takes. Goal- you have a plan, a price, a timeline, a measurable sense of when you dream will take place and how we will accomplish your dream. 

7. Goal: Submittal of plans, specifications, contract to your bank for loan closing approval. 

8. Goal: Loan is closed if applicable. We break ground! This is the first time I will ever ask for any money. At this point I will get a deposit to begin with on your forever, high performance, green home! 

9. A detailed plan will be laid out  for you to follow on selections and meetings. Goal – plenty of time to prepare for all decisions to be made.  We meet several times during the build process. You are welcome to visit your job site as often as you like.

10. Goal: In 7 months your forever home is ready. 

11. A orientation packet Is presented with instructions for a Olde Heritage Builders forever home and future warranty dates we come back to check on you in writing. Goal – we service our homes after move in like no other. Our homes have very few warranty issues. 

12. Last Goal – happiness and more  importantly joy of your home on a daily basis. We strive to make every client glad they chose us to build their forever home.

We take the time it takes to find out what you need and design for your needs not ours.


The Process with Chad Ray

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